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  • 0-30 Hrs/Month

  • Fixed Rate ($10/Hr)

  • Fully equipped work station

  • Direct communication with VA


  • 31-50 Hrs/Month

  • Fixed Rate ($10/Hr)

  • Fully equipped work station

  • Direct communication with VA














  • 51-80 Hrs/Month

  • Flexible  Rate ($10/Hr)

  • Fully equipped work station

  • Direct communication with VA

  • 81-100 Hrs/Month

  • Flexible Rate ($9/Hr)

  • Fully equipped work station

  • Direct communication with VA

  • Support call with VA

  • 101-120 Hrs/Month

  • Flexible Rate ($9/Hr)

  • Fully equipped work station

  • Direct communication with VA

  • Support call with VA

  • Daily report

  • 121-160 Hrs/Month

  • Fixed Rate


  • Fully equipped work station

  • Direct communication with VA

  • Fulltime dedicated VA

  • Daily report

  • Weekly check-in

All packages include:

Vetted and trained virtual assistant

Complete onboarding assistance for client and virtual assistant

Time tracking and reporting

Convenient access to your virtual assistant

Succession planning for your virtual assistant 

Holiday and illness cover if your assistant is away

Tech support from our IT team

Monthly reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will I work with?

All of our clients are assigned an experienced Virtual Assistant to make your life and your job easier. Your assistant is focused on your specific needs, based on consultations and discussions.

How do you match me with my Virtual Assistant?

First we start by having a consultation with you, the client. Once we have a clear idea of the skills you need, we match you with a Virtual Assistant that is the best fit.

What types of tasks can my Virtual Assistant do for me?

We offer customized services with emphasis in the following areas: email management, social media management, travel planning, sales support, customer service, CRM support, data entry, calendar management, and project & event management.

Who do I talk to if I have questions about your business or feedback on my Virtual Assistant?

Our Director, Christine Del Pilar is here to help you with any questions you have. You can reach out to her at at any time.

How do you train your Virtual Assistants?

Before any Virtual Assistant is considered for our team, they go through a rigorous interview and screening process as well as a training program. All of our Virtual Assistants take exams for English proficiency, critical thinking, and problem solving before they are considered for an interview.

Can my Virtual Assistant look like an employee to others?

Yes! In fact, this is usually proves to be the most successful way to integrate your Virtual Assistant with your team, company goals, and tasks.

What happens when a virtual assistant is sick and not available to go to work?

Our virtual assistants work with teams. If your dedicated virtual assistant is not available to work, we will assign someone else to cover for the time being.

Will I see a breakdown of the hours my Virtual Assistant works?

Yes, a breakdown of the hours we work is delivered each month to provide transparency. Each report provides a view of how your time was spent.

What if I don’t use all of my hours?

The VA can “fluctuate” your hours throughout the whole month. If they go over the contracted time, we just bill for the extra hours but they do not roll over to the next month. We advise all our VAs to communicate with you to make you aware of all your tasks and available time. Please note that the VAs work in an office environment and part of the fee is allocated towards maintaining the campus in tiptop shape at all times.

Does my Virtual Assistant work on weekends and/or holidays?

We try hard to protect the work/life balance of our Virtual Assistants. However, if you have a one-time need for assistance on a weekend or holiday, we can work together to create a solution that works for all parties.

How do you handle sensitive information?

All of our Virtual Assistants sign a confidentiality agreement before beginning work with our clients. Access to your information is limited to only the necessary team members.

How can I get started?

Get in touch to schedule a consultation. We will work with you to determine your needs and build a package to begin freeing up your valuable time.

Are there any perks for referring your business?

Yes, we love referrals! We very much appreciate client referrals and can offer a 10% discount on your next 3 months after your referral purchases a package of their own for 3 months.

How do you charge?

We offer packages with a set amount of hours based on your needs. To start, we will provide a monthly time estimate which helps us determine your package.

What are your business hours?

Our Virtual Assistants will work based on your business needs. Generally speaking, our Virtual Assistants work a flexible shift that covers primary business hours across all times zones in the US.

What’s your payment method?

As soon as you have signed the contract, we will start with your services. At the end of each month, we will send you an Invoice and you may pay by credit card set-up in monthly auto debit arrangement.


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