Why GoAssistants?

At GoAssistants, we are dedicated to providing skilled and efficient professional support.

Our team of professional and executive virtual assistants have been trained by experienced executives to ensure that our services meet your needs. 

We are committed to:

  • Investing our time in finding the best assistant for you

  • Providing flexibility in our services and working hours

  • Becoming part of your team

  • Proactively making your life easier, for less

  • Providing full transparency on what we're working on


We only provide office-based virtual assistants so we can manage your services much more professionally and effectively and look after our staff better. 
We make sure that your remote staff are comfortable and are able to perform their work efficiently and with ease by providing them the best equipment including spacious desks, comfortable chairs and the latest hardware. Our office is fully equipped with modern and state of the art technology designed for comfort, safety, and productivity with 24-hour IT support.
Our open plan offices include employee lounge, kitchen, fitness center, deck, basketball court, kubo houses and free coffee to keep everyone alert. 
Aside from an amazing working environment, your staff will also enjoy the best benefits including medical insurance and paid time off for vacation and sick days. We also organize monthly celebrations, team days and team outings to make them feel happy and taken care of by the office. We know that employee satisfaction and happiness are good indicators for retention and productivity. Likewise, they also contribute to the mental health of our employees! 

Stay on top of your virtual staff through managed operations: 
  • Your staff are provided with advanced network infrastructure, fast internet, and we follow the best IT practices.
  • Productivity is increased through daily huddles, weekly reports and check in meetings.
  • Monthly professional development training to up the skills of your staff. 
  • Surveys and feedback forms to keep your virtual assistant’s performance in check. 
  • Our HR team only recruits the best candidates with superior skill level. 

Focus on what’s important for your life and business. Get a virtual assistant. 



GoAssistants provides exceptional staffing solutions so you can focus on revenue generating projects. Here’s why GoAssistants can be the solution to hiring your dedicated virtual assistant. 

  • Significant cost savings over onsite employees

  • Highest quality staff

  • Superior client services

  • High grade office facilities and equipment

  • No need to worry about employee churn 

  • In-house training ensures your virtual assistants’ skills are kept current

  • Staff monitoring and performance management

  • Transparent pricing

  • Staff wellness and happiness

  • Ethical staff treatment

  • Legal employment compliance

  • Full time onsite support


The GoAssistants Team is strategically located in the Philippines, with a full service, physical office for our employees. 


Why the Philippines?

  • Filipinos are hard-working and fun to work with!

  • English is the primary spoken language in the Philippines. With strong English proficiency, Filipinos are able to provide exceptional support whether verbal or written. 

  • The Philippines is a renowned destination for virtual support and remote offices.

  • The cost of labor is typically half of what it is in developed countries, helping us create competitive pricing for virtual services.

  • Filipino cultural traits such as loyalty, hospitality, and genuine kindness contribute to creating lasting relationships with our clients.




GapLabs Complex

Tacloban City

Philippines 6500


Email: info@go-assistants.com

Phone: +1 970-316-0530 ext 5300



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